I’ve taken you through how to prep your skin for a waxing appointment & what to expect during your wax, now let’s talk about what to wear for your wax! You’re going to want to wear loose-fitting, cotton undies and something breathable, such as a dress or skirt, sweats, or a loose-fitting pair of jeans. I think the dress or skirt option is best that way you don’t have to completely undress. For your first time, wearing a dress might make you feel more comfortable. 
Making sure you’re wearing cotton underwear will ensure that your skin can breathe after the wax. You want to wear clothes that will cause as little friction as possible. 
After reading the last few blog posts I hope you feel 100% ready to take on the world of brazilian waxing. You’ve got this! I will be talking you through and cheering you on during the entire process.
I’m here for you & I will see you at your brazilian wax!
Xoxo, Adrienne

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