If you’ve been anything like me, you’ve been swooning over those fluffy model eyebrows! So let’s talk eyebrow lamination: what it is, whether or not you’re a good candidate for the service, how to prepare for this service, and most importantly, how to take care of your eyebrows after the service.

What it is:
The service includes a three-step process and can be followed with eyebrow tinting and eyebrow sculpting. The steps include a relaxing solution, a neutralizing solution, and a moisturizing serum. The first step, the relaxing solution, breaks down the bonds in the eyebrow hair. This is applied to your brow hair for about 10-15 minutes. During this step, your brow artist will apply a plastic film over the solution to heat the solution using your body heat. The second step, the neutralizing solution, is designed to lift the pH level in your brow hair in order to raise the cuticle scales in the hair, ultimately perming your brow hair in the position desired. This solution is left on your eyebrows for about 10-15 minutes, as well. In-between steps two and three your brow artist will sculpt and tint your brows, if desired. The third step is the moisturizing serum which is a thick vaseline-like consistency. This is applied to your brows and must remain on your eyebrows for 24-hours. This service lasts up to 10 weeks with proper aftercare. 

Are you a good candidate for this service?
Clients with unruly eyebrows and clients that are willing to invest in and use aftercare are best suited for a service like this.

How to prepare for the service:
On the day of your eyebrow lamination, wear little, to no makeup. Your brow artist will cleanse your brows prior to beginning the service, but to make our job easier please show up without eyebrow makeup. 

In order to achieve long-lasting results, it’s important to hydrate brows, which will ensure that they’ll be strong and healthy until your next lamination service. Clients that get this service done are highly encouraged to invest in aftercare offered at the studio. Some products that I recommend are Brow and Lash Toxx, Castor Oil, Nude Oil & Babe Lash. You’re going to use your aftercare products both morning and night, brushing into your brows in an upward motion.
Eyebrow lamination is by far the hottest service this year. I hope I helped answer any of your questions & I can’t wait to see you at your next appointment. 
Xoxo, Adrienne