So you got your first wax & you still have hair left, what’s up with that?! You can thank the three lovely hair growth cycles for those hairs left behind! The cycles are the anagen, the catagen, and the telogen. Let’s dive a little deeper into the hair growth cycles and why that may mean that your first few waxes won’t be as smooth as you would have hoped.

The majority of your hair, about 85%, is in the anagen or actively growing cycle at all times. As you shave your hair it will remain unharmed and continue to be in the actively growing phase. Whereas if you wax those hairs in that phase the hair will have to completely reform and it will then start over in the anagen cycle again. While the hair is in the anagen cycle it is connected to a blood vessel that feeds the hair. It’s very important to wax the hairs while they are in the anagen phase to get the best results. Not only will the hair be pulled from the root and have to completely regrow, but it will also be damaged slightly because we pulled it right from the blood supply. With repeated damage to that hair, it may eventually not grow back at all! This means waxing could result in less hair growth in the long run! 

Now, at your first waxing appointment, about 85%-90% of your hair will be able to be waxed (if you have at least 2 weeks of hair growth) because they are in that active growth cycle. While it may appear that we got about 95%-100% because we will be pulling all the hair that’s long enough no matter what stage they’re in. You may notice hair growth within a week or so after your wax. This is due to the hairs that we pulled out being in the catagen or telogen phase.

When hairs are in the catagen phase they are in the process of disconnecting themselves from the blood supply.

When the hair is in the telogen phase it is no longer connected to the blood supply and it has died. The telogen hair will remain there until a new anagen hair pushes it out. So the 15% of hairs that were in this cycle will grow back more quickly than the 85% of anagen hairs.

At your second waxing appointment, the anagen hair as well as the catagen and telogen hairs that we pulled out last time will be in the anagen phase. During your second wax, we will pull about 95% anagen hairs, and at your third or fourth wax, about 99%-100% of your hairs will be in the anagen cycle. Consistent waxing = smooth skin!

Now, as these hairs grow back they are very weak and feather-soft, so they are more likely to not break through the surface of the skin which is why aftercare, specifically exfoliation is so important.

Next week we will go over the different types of exfoliating products and why exfoliation is KEY to smooth results. *HINT: Hair can’t be waxed, even if it’s in the anagen phase if it’s underneath the skin’s surface.

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have about hair being left or growing back quickly after your first few waxes. I will see you at your next wax!

Xoxo, Adrienne

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