Sooooo, you got your first wax, now you’re home, and have forgotten everything I told you about waxing aftercare. Am I right? Don’t worry, we’ve literally all been there. Waxing is honestly like a lifestyle change, but trust me when I say that it’s a change for the better. 

So let’s get into it. What the heck are you supposed to do after you’ve been waxed?

24-48 hours after your wax…Don’t do anything! Well, not really, but there is a list of things you’ve got to avoid in order to get the best results. 

You’re not going to want to sweat at all within the first day or two. I want you to think of every single pore as an exposed wound. Sweat will cause inflammation and irritation to those wounds. Listed are examples of activities that cause sweating and that you should avoid for at least 24 hours, preferably 48: Working out, saunas, and sexual activity. 

Since all of your pores are exposed wounds you’re really not going to want to submerge the waxed area in any type of water. Please no swimming, hot tubs, or baths. 

Sun exposure and tanning beds are important to avoid since after getting waxed you are more susceptible to burning. Waxing exfoliates the skin leaving less of a barrier between your skin and the sun. If you’re going to be outside, no matter what, but especially after waxing, you should wear SPF. Wearing sunscreen after getting waxed is recommended but your best option would be to avoid sun exposure for 24-48 hours.

Avoiding chemicals, additives and fragrances will be very beneficial while you wait for the waxed area to heal. Spray tans, although safe to get after waxing are not recommended. Not only are there added ingredients in spray tans which you should avoid, but your tan also may not come out as even as you’d like. Since the waxed area has been exfoliated deeper than the rest of your body, your tan may come out looking blotchy. 

Avoid fabrics or clothing that cause friction. I prefer to wear cotton underwear 24-48 hours after getting waxed since cotton is a breathable fabric and will cause less friction than other kinds of fabrics. Tight-fitting clothing is also a no-go after getting waxed. These types of clothes will cause friction which will result in irritation to the newly waxed area.

Week 1 after your wax… Days 0-7

It is crucial to baby your skin during these first few days after your wax. Keeping the waxed area clean, exfoliated, and moisturized is key to long-lasting results. During these first 7 days, I recommend wearing cotton undies and loose-fitting, breathable clothing. You can start working out again, having sex, and exfoliating 3 days after your wax, just making sure that after working out, or sweating in general, you’re showering right away. Exfoliate the area manually at least 3 times a week using a dry brush, scrub gloves, or a post-wax scrub. You want to prevent dead skin cells from building up so that your new growth is able to break through the skin. Another great way to exfoliate the area is by using a chemical exfoliate such as a post-wax serum or ingrown concentrate. These types of products will have ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. These ingredients will cause skin cells to turn over and sluff off at a quicker rate than normal. 

Now with all of this exfoliation, you’re going to notice a bit of dryness in your skin. That’s where post-wax oils come into play, like our Down Under Oil. Using oil every time you get out of the shower is a great way to prevent dryness and noticeable flaking of the skin due to waxing or exfoliating. 

Week 2 & 3 after your wax

Continue using our Down Under Oil daily & every 3-4 days exfoliate the skin using your preferred method of exfoliation.

Week 4 after your wax

Time to prep for your next wax, baby! During this week stop using the chemical exfoliant as it will make your skin a bit more sensitive. Continue using the post-wax oil daily & physical exfoliant every other day. Keeping your skin and hair moisturized will increase the hair’s elasticity making it less likely to break and easier to remove when pulled with the wax. 

This is an abbreviated version of my post-wax aftercare routine.

Day 0- Wax
Day 1 (24 hours post-wax)- Down Under Oil, baby your skin
Day 2 (48 hours post-wax)- Down Under Oil, baby your skin
Day 3- Chemical exfoliant followed by Down Under Oil
Day 4- Down Under Oil
Day 5- Physical exfoliant followed by Down Under Oil
Day 6- Down Under Oil
Day 7-Day 28- Repeat days 3-6 until your next wax.

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have & I will see you at your next wax!

Xoxo, Adrienne

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