If you’ve been waxed by me before, you know how I feel about exfoliation–especially my love for dry brushing. If you’re just stumbling across this post, let me inform you about my obsession with dry brushing. I seriously swear by it!

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a form of exfoliation using a natural bristle brush on clean, dry skin. It is great to do before or after getting waxed to exfoliate off dry and dead skin cells. There are so many great benefits from dry brushing–not just exfoliation!  

Dry brushing increases blood circulation which improves the appearance of the skin and can even decrease the look of cellulite. This form of exfoliation will improve the texture of the skin by sluffing away dead skin cells and unclogging the pores. It also promotes lymphatic drainage, which will detoxify the skin. 

How to use a dry brush:

Dry brush before or after your shower. Many people recommend dry brushing before the shower so that you can wash away the dead skin cells. I prefer to dry brush after I get out of the shower. If you have extremely dry skin, I would recommend dry brushing before the shower.

Start at your feet, while holding your brush semi-firmly against your skin & begin to swipe the brush upwards towards your heart in long, slow strokes. Move upwards towards your heart spending about 30 seconds on each body part, paying extra attention to areas you’ve been waxed or will be getting waxed.

After dry brushing, it is important to add moisture back into your skin. I love using body oil, my favorite is our Down Under Oil!

How often should you dry brush?

Dry brushing can be done as often as every day. I would recommend starting off about 2-3 times a week to let your skin get used to the extra exfoliation. Remember to always apply an oil to your skin after dry brushing especially if you’re getting waxed regularly.

I hope this answers any of your questions about dry brushing! I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Xoxo, Adrienne

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