Hi! I’m Gini Pritchett, and I’m the spray tan lady. My hobbies include infusing women with radiance, living that frougie life (kinda frugal, kinda bougie), and getting my kid another snack. Oh, and I love Jesus!

The idea for Contour Tan was born out of my own experience trying to find the best spray tan for my own wedding. I tried a lot of tans – some were pretty good, and some were… eh, well, you know. I found myself wishing I could take the best elements from each tan and put them all together. 
So I did! 

All of my clients get the benefit of a top-quality tan, luxury solutions offered in both traditional or rapid versions, the option of a heated spray, and complimentary drying powder. 

Now, with over 8 years of spray tanning experience and countless clients bronzed, I can truly say I’m living out my professional mission of helping women feel comfortable in their own skin! 

I can’t wait to help YOU feel like the most bronzed and confident version of yourself!

Xoxo, Gini