Yay! You’re going to get a wax, I am so excited for you! But first, let’s go over what to do and what not to do before your waxing appointment. 
About a week before your wax:
For facial waxing, you’re going to want to discontinue the use of any prescription acne or anti-aging skincare products, as well as any active skincare products (Glycolic acids, Salicylic acids, Benzoyl Peroxide, Lactic acids, Retin-A and Retinols, etc.) & start moisturizing like hell! 
For body waxing, please start to exfoliate & moisturize daily. I recommend a scrub glove or rough loofa & body oil. Exfoliating will ensure dead skin cells are brushed away allowing any hairs to break through the surface of the skin. Moisturizing daily will ensure that your hairs are hydrated, meaning that they will be less likely to break during the service. 
The day of your wax:
For facial waxing, please show up to your appointment fresh-faced, meaning no face makeup! I’m going to remove it prior to the wax anyway so this just takes time away from your actual waxing service. I will do a skin analysis and add powder or oil depending on the hydration level in your skin.
For body waxing, please show up to your appointment freshly showered with no moisturizer on. I will do a skin analysis and add powder or oil depending on the hydration level in your skin.
You’re probably going to be a bit nervous! Nerves are completely normal & totally understandable. Just think about it this way: the amount of nerves you feel before your appointment (about the pain level or having to be naked in front of me) are the same amount of nerves I feel after your appointment wondering if you liked me as a person/waxer/esthetician. So don’t worry, hon, we’re all feeling the nerves!
All in all, waxing is freaking awesome, you guys! I absolutely love the benefits of waxing, they way outweigh the pain/anticipation. If you come into your waxing appointment as either the most prepared client ever or the least prepared client ever I will take care of you, walk you through the entire process & make sure you’re feeling comfortable every step of the way. 
I hope this helps calm your nerves! I can’t wait to see you at your waxing appointment!
Xoxo, Adrienne