It’s intimidating, I get it! I’m going to walk you through the entire process & hopefully help calm those nerves!

When you come to The Bush for the first time you’ll be asked to fill out a customer intake form. This will ensure that you’re not on any medications or have any allergies that may cause you an adverse reaction to your waxing appointment. 

Once you have filled out the intake form, I will bring you back to the waxing room. I’ll show you around the room a bit, so you know where you can put your belongings, where the trash can is & how I’ll have you lay on the bed. I’ll step out of the room & let you get settled. I’ll knock, come in, put on my gloves, and start on your Brazilian (I will always knock before coming back into the waxing room, I know it’s nerve-racking service so feel free to tell me you need more time.)

A few phrases you’ll hear me say during your service: “I’ll have you butterfly this leg,” “You doing okay?” “Okay, take a deep breath in,” “You’re doing great!” “Not so bad, right?” “Knees to chest,” “You’re all done, great job!” “I’m so proud of you!” I will be your biggest cheerleader throughout the entire service. 

After your service is completed, I will give you some of our Down Under Oil to get rid of any sticky residue and some witch hazel to cool down and help soothe your skin, then I will step out of the room. I hope during this time you do a little happy dance & give yourself a pat on the back because you did it! Yay, you!

I’ll meet you in the boutique, get you checked out & you’ll be done! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

I know within a couple of minutes after your wax you’ll be so happy you did it! The pain is so temporary & the results are phenomenal. I hope this helps you decide to finally get the wax you’ve always wanted!

See you at your appointment!

Xoxo, Adrienne

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